Jim Brown, (1973-).

Tuesday November 29, 2011

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 One of my earliest memories is of holding my grandfathers hand as we walked around his bird garden, he would talk and whistle to the birds as he went about feeding, topping up the water and cleaning out aviaries.

 In 1999 I found myself sat on a mountain in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru, the mountain was among the highest in South America and was in fact next to Peru's highest peak Huscaran.

 Having summited Pisco, I was sat just below the glacier when what I believe to be a Harris Hawk came and landed right in front of me only a few feet away.

 Now I don't think I was suffering from a spiritual awakening or it was the effect of the Matte de Coca tea but yes, I had a moment on a mountain.

 As the hawk and I gazed into each others eyes, my life flashed before me, my hopes, my dreams and all the good and bad times. In a split second the hawk was away, it opened its wings, looked over its shoulder and was taken by the Andean winds, it floated off and away over the high mountains leaving me alone again with my thoughts.


Millican Dalton, (1867-1947).

Tuesday November 29, 2011

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 I first heard of Millican Dalton nearly two decades ago.

Since then I have spent many nights by the fire in Englands most beautiful valley, Borrowdale, the home of Millican Dalton, The Keswick Caveman, The Monarch of the Valley, Professor of Adventure, Rock Climber and Mountain Guide.

 It was on a trip to this valley while sitting by the warmth of the fire that I heard the name Millican Dalton. He had lived in a cave a little way north of the valley where I was camping that night.






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